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Grantham Pot Lid: 'Briggs & Gamble, Dispensing Analytical & Homoeopathic Chemists, Grantham'

Description:  Double-line border. Pictorial of bunch of cherries. large lid. Excellent quality fine print. A scarce and appealing lid from this Lincolnshire town

Era:  1890-1910  

Diameter:  84 mm  

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Very good. Just a tiny (4mm x 2mm) insignificant flake on the back rim edge, a couple of tiny fleabites also on the bottom rim edge and a small in-manufacture lilac coloured mark in the glaze on the side. A very insignificant small smudge in the print above the second 'R' of Cherry. Overall nothing to detract
as can clearly be seen in the photos and is otherwise excellent

Grade :  8.6        Estimate:   £65-75     Reserve:     £65  

0 £ 55 *

Pot Lid: 'Sharp Bros London / Areca Nut Tooth Paste'

Description:  Pictorial of palm trees, mosques etc. 
Good strong sepia print. One of two variations of this popular lid

Era:  1890-1910  

Diameter:  68 mm 

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Fair/good. A series of chips on around one-third of the back rim (that don't show too much from the side elevation as you can see from the detailed photos) and apart from a single tiny and insignificant 3mm flake also on the back flange and some glaze-lines on the underside (that do not go through to the face) and some light glaze wear to the outer rim in one area (very light to the touch) is otherwise very good. 

Grade :  6.5        Estimate:   £230-240     Reserve:     £230  

0 £ 195 *

Pot Lid: 'HP & CR Taylor, Philadelphia / Taylor's Saponaceous Compound'

Description:  Stunning and large early American pictorial pot lid with detailed and classic image of man shaving in front of mirror. 
Rarer version with extra borders. Excellent quality print

Era:  c1880's  

Diameter:  95 mm 

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Good. Just 4 tiny and very insignificant pinprick fleabites on the very back edge that are hardly noticeable (and certainly don't detract) and a very unusual small (10mm x 3mm) in-manufacture blue glaze addition/flaw on the upper rim outer edge which I have never seen the like of before (at first it looks like a small accidental splash of paint but it is definitely part of the glaze) which must have been caused during firing. It's therefore difficult to grade accordingly as this is a part of the way the lid came out of the kiln and isn't damage as such. Without it, the lid would score 8.9 so if anything I've been overly critical. The lid is otherwise a fabulous example and the small mark in front of the man's head is only a tiny smudge in the glaze

Grade :  7.9        Estimate:   £430-450     Reserve:     £430  

0 £ 400 *

Pot Lid: 'C.E.Monell, Chemist, New York'   

Description:  A great American 'Cure-all' pot lid containing 'Compound Extract of Copaiba, Cubebs and Iron' and quite possibly the only pot lid that mentions curing a STD, especially that of 'gleet'!
 - Plus unusually has what looks to be a naked person (apart from a shawl, look at the belly button!) on a podium announcing perhaps the virtues of the said product!? - This pot lid also contains the magic word 'Cure' so should appeal to a host of collectors

Era:  c1890's  

Diameter:  75 mm 

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Fair/Good. A small (9mm x 4mm) chip on the very back of the rim, a tiny pinhead 'flea-bite' on the back rim edge (hardly noticeable) and some grey spots of stain on part of the back, side and face (but not to detract too much on display as can be seen in the photos) and is otherwise very good

Grade :  6.9        Estimate:   £45-55     Reserve:     £45  

4 £ 50

Pot Lid: 'Kra Nol' 

Description:  A classic large pictorial pot lid with a fabulous pictorial of a girl with particularly long hair. Registered design 1896 - 
Purported to emanate from the Cheshire area (but no conclusive evidence to date to confirm this)

Era:  c1896-1900's 

Diameter:  90 mm 

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Ungraded. Has been repaired to a very good standard. You can see far more when the image is blown up in these photos and the hair definitely looks like it has been touched up, but on the pot lid itself when scaled down it looks very convincing. Either way it is very difficult to determine the full extent of restoration. However it is great on display

Grade :  N/A        Estimate:   £100-110     Reserve:     £100  

0 £ 90 *

Pot Lid: 'Mason's Indian Ceratum'

Description:  A lovely pictorial pot lid featuring a native Indian's head (with head-dress). One of three variations, this one being the one of 
Thomas Mason & John Radford in Derby Road, Nottingham who traded up to 1904. Excellent fine print

Era:  c1880-1904

Diameter:  70 mm 

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Very good. Just a very feint hairline/glaze-line on the back and side and only just visible on the face if you look very hard (just after 12 o'clock on the face edge) and the tiny glaze pinprick you can just see on the Indian's left eye in the blown-up photo is nigh on impossible to see with the naked eye on the actual pot lid and is otherwise excellent all round

Grade :  8.5        Estimate:   £150-160     Reserve:     £150  

0 £ 120 *

Pot Lid: 'Dr Dosteel's'

Description:  This has to be one of the all-time classic pictorial pot lids! This one has superb quality print and a fabulous pink/red background colour.  Very difficult to photograph because of glare and reflections but you won't be disappointed!

Era:  c1890-1910

Diameter:  86 mm 

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Excellent Being very fussy it has some insignificant crazing/glaze lines on the back, back rim and sides in areas, but nothing at all to detract (in fact it's good to see and hardly worth mentioning) and the face is superb (the superficial scratches that show in the blown up photo are impossible to see with the naked eye, even with a magnifying glass!)

Grade :  9.5        Estimate:   £850-900     Reserve:     £850  

0 £ 750 *

Pot Lid: 'Yardley's, London & Paris'

Description:  One of the very few coloured pictorial advertising rectangular lids. This one comes in black underglaze print with overglaze colouring to the border, cherries and leaves. A very striking lid and scarce to see with most of the original colours still intact.

Era:  c1890

Dimensions:  83 mm  long/ 53mm wide

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Fair/Good. Generally very good on display, does have some filler (15mm x 3mm max) on a chip on the back corner, another (15mm x 3mm max) on the back rim, a much smaller one (9mm x 3mm) near the corner repair and a very small amount of filler (2mm) on one of the top corners. Most of these do not show on display (as can be seen by the various detailed photos) and to be honest I'd be tempted to remove all the filler as the chips beneath are probably far smaller and apart from a few minor glaze-rubs/nibbles, a scratch on the very back underside, some minor marks and some of the overglaze print slightly worn (very little for one of these) is otherwise very good and probably far better than this description would portray 

Grade :  6.9        Estimate:   £120-130     Reserve:     £120  

0 £ 100 *

Pot Lid: 'Breidenbach & Co, London, Albarose Tooth Paste'

Description:  This really is a delightful pictorial lid with a subtle grey background colour and high quality print. Produced by the F&R Pratt factory in Staffordshire (has the familiar Prattware alignment circles at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock) this lid is a rare offering in this condition.  A very striking lid and only a handful recorded in such good condition

Era:  c1880-90's

Diameter:  90 mm

Condition (please see detailed photo's): Very Good/Excellent. Fabulous overall condition with just 2 old tiny pinprick fleabites on the very back rim and some very subtle yellowing on the side wall in one area (very insignificant and hardly worth mentioning as is the usual light and clear glaze-crazing near the back rim which is actually good to see) nb some of the marks you can see in the photo on the face were light and superficial and have now been cleaned off with a soft cloth 

Grade :  8.9        Estimate:   £370-400     Reserve:     £370  

11 £ 490

Pot Lid: 'Okell's Mona Tooth Paste'

Description:  This Isle of Man (UK) pot lid has a lovely picture of Douglas harbour with people in period dress walking on the pier and a lighthouse in the background. The smaller of two sizes. Not so often seen in such great condition

Era:  c1890-1910

Diameter:  90 mm

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Mint. Being extremely fussy, just a few tiny very insignificant marks/rubs on the inside of very back rim edge (which look to be in manufacture) anyway and as can be seen in the various close-up photos in no way detract   

Grade :  9.7        Estimate:   £110-120     Reserve:     £110  

2 £ 100

Pot Lid: 'H.P.Wakelee, San Francisco, Cold Cream'

Description:  This Californian (USA) pot lid looks to have been made by F&R Pratt (although there are none of the usual alignment circles) with underglaze background colours in light blue and moss green and retains the original gold band. High quality print. Very appealing design

Era:  c1890-1910

Diameter:  77 mm

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Good. Just a (20mm) hairline bruise on the outside rim (at 11 o'clock) that barely shows on the face and a tiny bruise on the very back rim and otherwise apart from some light dots in the glaze on the underside (nothing to detract in any way) and some feint marks in the glaze on the face (similarly hardly anything to detract) is otherwise very good    

Grade :  7.5        Estimate:   £165-175     Reserve:     £165  

0 £ 150 *

Pot Lid: 'Vinolia Co Ltd, London, Tooth Paste' 

Description:  This very appealing small pot lid comes in very fine blue underglaze print and is beautifully designed with a classic floral layout. You'll struggle to find a better example anywhere! (please see lot #14 for the red print example also in this auction)

Era:  c1900-10's

Dimensions:  65 mm long/ 50 mm wide

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Mint.  The only blemish being a tiny brown dot in the glaze! (the marks on the back are just the residue from a sticker)  

Grade :  9.9        Estimate:   £130-140     Reserve:     £130  

1 £ 130

Pot Lid: 'Mr Iliffe, Dentist, Melbourne, Victoria Tooth Paste'  

Description:  This lovely Australian pot lid features an emu and kangaroo either side of a shield surmounted by a crown and is very thoughtfully laid out with a rich blue underglaze background and high quality black print. Quite possibly produced by F&R Pratt (although missing the alignment circles). A great example

Era:  c1890-1900's

Diameter:  78 mm

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Excellent.  Just an in-manufacture pinhead mark on the emu (barely visible on actual lid and in no way detracts) and some overall glaze-crazing which actually adds to the general appeal  

Grade :  9.0        Estimate:   £290-300     Reserve:     £290  

0 £ 270 *

Pot Lid: 'Vinolia Co Ltd, London, Tooth Paste' 

Description:  This appealing pot lid comes in a lovely red and very fine underglaze print. A great classic floral design (see lot #12 for blue print version)

Era:  c1900-1910's

Dimensions:  65 mm  long/ 50 mm wide

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Very good. The small brown rust marks in the photos (mainly around the edge) are mostly in the glaze and could possibly be removed with rust-remover, but no guarantees and apart from a small in-manufacture glaze run on the right edge, none can be felt when you rub your finger along the edge (they generally look far worse in the blown up photos) 

Grade (Lid) :  8.5        Estimate:   £130-140     Reserve:     £130  

0 £ 110 *

Pot Lid: 'Anchovy Paste

Description:  This very eye catching and early pot lid comes in a lovely blue glaze and features a coat of arms that Bob Houghton (major pot lid authority and co-author of forthcoming book 'A Guide to Advertising Pot Lids') says is probably associated with that of Snelling & Co., Leadenhall Street, London (UK) - Lovely layout incorporating a very decorative border and the usual scrolls and typeface/s associated with early lids

Era:  c1870

Diameter:  89mm

Condition (please see detailed photo's):  Very good. Just a very small and pretty insignificant (3mm) shallow flake on the back rim and a pin-head flea bite on the outer rim edge (so miniscule that it is barely visible) and is otherwise excellent. (nb I have purposely kept the superficial surface rust and dirt on the lid on the side wall as it's always good to see that this lid is pretty much as dug, this can be removed easily if so desired)

Grade (Lid) :  8.7        Estimate:   £100-120     Reserve:     £100  

8 £ 140
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